July Culinary Adventures

Hey, guys! So, the past few weeks have been kind of hectic and I have not really had much time to cook. However, I have been adventurous and tried some really delicious, albeit different, dishes from across town.

My closest friends know that I am obsessed with Asian food and could probably eat it multiple times a week or the rest of my life. So, there are a few Asian restaurants around town that I frequent including Mr. Chen’s Chinese Restaurant and Ruan Thai. The other day, I took a close friend to lunch at Ruan Thai on the Strip. It’s a great local Thai spot with affordable and delicious food and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try something different. When I go to Ruan Thai, I usually go for a curry dish, which they have great options for red, green, and yellow curry, or a noodle dish; however, I found a new item on the menu called Hot and Sour Seafood Noodles.


This dish is comprised of egg noodles and cooked in a broth with shrimp, crab meat, fish, mussels, and squid, along with some vegetables like cabbage, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms. For some people, this might not sound that adventurous, yet, I have never eaten mussels or squid before and thought this was a perfect dish to try them. The broth was salty and spicy in a manner that wasn’t overpowering and the vegetables and proteins added great texture to the dish overall. The mussels and squid were actually delicious! The squid was on the chewy side, but it may have been supposed to be like that? Either way, it tasted great! If you love seafood and noodles and want something new to try in T-Town, make a trip to Ruan Thai asap!

A few days ago, Kenny and I were in the mood for some Chinese food and went to Mr. Chen’s on 15th Street. This is the only Chinese restaurant in town that has an oriental market AND serves authentic food. It is my favorite Chinese spot in town for sure and I have never had a bad dish from there. Case in point was the salty and crispy whole shrimp I had when I went with Kenny.


The shrimp came with a side of steamed rice and had a green onion/jalapeno kind of relish on type. I honestly had to ask our waiter if I could eat it whole and he said that it was encouraged! The batter was a wonderful combination of sweet, salty, and spicy with a great crunch from the shell. The flavor that came from cooking the shrimp with the head on and in the shell was unlike anything else I had ever eaten. To be frank, these might be my new favorite shrimp to eat in town and I will be ordering these again and again.


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