Review: Philly Boyz

Yesterday, I went to town with my best friend Kenny to spend the afternoon with. We went and saw Wonder Woman (which is phenomenal and EVERYONE needs to see it) and were hungry when we got out. Both of us had tried most of the new restaurants in town and were looking for something different. Luckily, Kenny suggested a place on the Strip that had JUST opened called Philly Boyz, which is a new Philly cheesesteak place. We pulled up the menu online, I approved, and we went straight over there.

The restaurant that was there beforehand, Tut’s (a Greek/Pizza type of place), was past its prime. It was run down and had a dirty kind of feeling to it when you walked in. Philly Boyz is the complete opposite. The new owners went to lengths to give the space a fresh paint job, new graphics all over the walls, and new furniture. When Kenny and I walked in, we were greeted happily from all of the employees. Everyone seemed really excited to be there and wanted to provide a good experience for us. A couple of employees helped us to decipher their menu and sizing options (which range from reasonable to ridiculous), took our orders, and then we seated ourselves. Kenny and I both like to get the “signature” type of dish from a restaurant when we go for the first time and we had the same order: a 12” traditional cheesesteak (cheese whiz and onions on a French type of hoagie bun) with a side of fries and a drink. When our food came out, this is what we got.


This is a MONSTER sandwich and, with that side of fries, this is plenty of food for one person, including a hungry man such as myself. I bit into this monstrosity and it was one of the best cheesesteak sandwiches I had ever eaten. The steak was cut paper thin and was juicy and tender. The cheese whiz on the bun gave some moisture to every bite in the sandwich and the onions added texture and another layer of flavor. The fries appeared to be hand cut and were crispy and delicious. The only complaint I really had was the fact that I had a bite or two that had a decent amount of grizzle, to the point that I could not chew threw them. However, that is really just an issue about the type of meat used and how it was cut in the first place AND this place has only been open for a few days. I can excuse a few mishaps during the first few weeks of being open.

So, if you don’t think that a cheeseteak is your thing, you can make you own pizza or french fry dish. You can either customize or go with the “traditional”, “chicken parm”, or “pizza” options for your cheesesteak, pizza, or fries. Speaking of fries, you can get a side (like what I had with my sandwich), a platter (which is like a regular to go platter), or a bucket. You read that right…… a BUCKET. This thing can probably hold four or five large fry orders from the Golden Arches. This is the type of place that you come to for quality, greasy, and filling comfort food. Leave the salad forks at home.



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